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     Welcome to Khan Lofts home of the "Blue Fox" and, Mr. Gastel  Tourniers, these two super family of pigeons have helped me become the best flyer in my club and combine for the past 3 years in a row.  Also many flyers in Holland are dominating the races each week with 1,500 to 3,000+ birds per race, with the Gastel Tounier birds.  "Blue Fox" is responsible for more foundation breeders, race winners and money winners than all the rest of his family combined, there is not a pigeon in this family of Tourniers that can even meet "Blue Fox" half ways.  If there is one that comes close it is a son or daughter of "Blue Fox" , and now other lofts use the name of "Blue Fox" to sell pigeons just serf the web and you will see for yourself. .   My # 1 foundation breeder "Blue Fox" AU 95 POP 0299  has bred offspring that are directly responsible for over 450+ diploma wins, and $300,000.00 in Futurity wins such a potent breeder that 98% of all his children, and grand children bred have produced diploma winners if not race winners and Champion birds, about 40 different children breeding across the USA.   Also direct children off "Blue Fox" have become some of the top flyers and breeders for many lofts across the USA (View my Testimonials) for more details.   This top of the line World Class "Blue Fox" Dynasty of pigeons, all goes back to one of best fanciers the world has known, my good friend the late Brad Le Verne, and he was the source from where this super family of Tourniers comes from, so leave the credit where credit is due.    Brad Le Verne will always be remembered as a very kind hearted friend.

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